Our Staff


                                                     Director of Programming

Thea Zerbe

Thea has been slipping and sliding in the "mountains" of Minnesota since she was a wee thing. She grew up downhill ski racing but has since transferred her love for the mountains to exploring the beautiful backcountry of British Columbia. The ex-pat enjoys her leisure time climbing, biking, ski touring (mostly with Brett), or watching Spongebob (also with Brett). She pulled her hair out trying to make this website look nice for you and hopes you will join the female outdoor community she is excited to help grow through Mountain Mentors. 

                                          Director of Community & Partnerships

Brett Trainor

Brett has been moving and grooving in the mountains since she was a small tyke cross country skiing on Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island. On the weekends you can find her snow camping, ski touring, biking or surfing - pretty much anywhere but the city. With a BSc. in Sustainable Development and fundraising experience for multiple nonprofits, she is excited to help grow Mountain Mentors, and with it the female outdoor community.