In 2004, I bought shoes, a harness and belay with a very set goal; to meet anyone who climbs and convince them to teach me what I needed to get started. I met my first mentor, picked up a lead rope and spent my first years in the Rockies obsessing over anything vertical.

Sara jumped feet first into granite cracks, ice, and alpine climbing in the Bugaboo's 13 years ago. During her early years there, she took an introductory ice climbing course in Canmore, bought three screws and a used set of BD Rage Ice tools, and then free soloed Chantilly Falls. Since then, her climbing has led her on many trips to the Bugs, the Chief and the Coastal Mountains, Joshua Tree, big wall climbs in both Chile and Yosemite, and many nights on the road spent in a hammock strung up diagonally in her 1992 Jeep YJ anchored to the roll bars. She is currently crushing in Squamish, BC where "she has spent almost seven years and has no plans to leave anytime soon." 

Sara is one of our climbing mentors this season. Her teaching philosophy is straightforward and inspiring; "Teaching others is a great way to reinforce personal knowledge and practice. I learnt so much from rad people and it's only fair to pass it along."