I’ve found that if you’re willing to give the mountains a bit of sweat, (and maybe some tears), they tend to give back a sense of purpose, confidence and perspective that you carry with you in all aspects of life.

Kate’s love of skiing began in the Edmonton River Valley as a grom in the Nancy Greene ski-racing program. She was first introduced to the backcountry on a family ski tour into the Skoki Lodge at age 14. With a strong technical skiing background from racing, her progression into powder came easily. However, as anybody with experience in the backcountry knows, ski skills are only a small part of the equation.

Kate owes her knowledge, intuition and confidence to travel safely in the mountains to her mentor, Alf Skrastins. Alf is well known in Calgary for founding the U of C outdoor program, skiing 100+ days a year, and for his open invitation to anyone who wants to get out and share the joy of skiing. Kate learned a lot of things from Alf – perhaps the greatest of all was developing her passion for being outside and having adventures with friends. 

You can follow along with Kate and her mentee Cece on our Instagram and Blog. Thanks for passing along your knowledge and stoke, Kate! Welcome to the Mountain Mentors family.